Being an avid follower of the latest ICOs circling the world of blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency, I decided to look into GIG9 after having found out that they got published by the University of Oxford. Knowing that their founding team (9 members to be exact) all hailed from Oxford stirred my interest and curiosity and therefore, I had to know more.


So, basically, the founding members met whilst enrolled in the Oxford Fintech Programme where they developed the idea for GIG9 which they ambitiously claim is the solution for our gig economy. According to them, “GIG9 is the world’s first blockchain-based skill sharing platform empowering local communities.”


After going through the article published by the University of Oxford, I decided to dive further into the pit to know more.


What sparked my intrigue was that GIG9 is not just your average freelance platform… there are already many of those. According to my research, they are just so much more! They’re out here to do something no one has ever done – focus on the local service provider. So, when they claim to disrupt the global gig economy, it’s believable because they have tapped in to an area that most platforms have forgotten – the potential, efficiency and convenience of local service providers.


One thing that I also noticed regarding their ICO is how passionate they are when it comes to promoting equal opportunities in its truest sense. For them to openly campaign for groups such as women entrepreneurs, the younger generation, older skilled workers and focusing on even those with disabilities is commendable.


The reason that stood out to me is because when they say they want to empower local communities, you get a sense that they mean it. From their mission to their vision, the focus on the people that have the potential to change the economy in a truly positive way is one that you can notice from the very beginning.


Whilst their founding team is impressive, the rest of their executive team and advisors are just as impressive with each of them specialised in various backgrounds harbouring years and years of relevant experience under their belt. I even read an article saying that due to their development team, they shall be launching the MVP ahead of schedule.


Their website contains a wealth of information about the project including their Whitepaper, Financial Report, Technical Paper, Instructions for Contribution, Newsletter and they even have their Onepager translated into a bunch of different languages! A lot of companies want to be “global”; GIG9 takes it one-step further. Not only is their team global but they provide resources for their audience and market on a global front. Plus, their market presence is global as well having seen Youtubers of different walks and nationalities review their ICO.


I could honestly go on and on about this ICO and it’s no wonder that the University of Oxford decided to publish them as a Success Story. I, for one, will join GIG9 on their journey and I wish them the best.


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